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No application,

It just cannot stop its true colours from shining through.

Do not look for an application, there is none.

You print your HHfamily identity card, a QR code is enough to identify the members, the Poncho to signal your presence more clearly (day and night).

For the rest, it's up to you.


There are approximately 1.2 billion cars worldwide,
it's more than enough and rather convincing.
Hitchhiking must keep its original function from our point of view, an application is superfluous

Because we count and believe in kindness.

There may be fewer vehicles in rural areas but much worse than that,
there is very little or no public transport at all, because no



New technologies have enabled miniaturization.
Imagine the smartphone the size of a briefcase, so goodbye our addiction!
The smartphone, untimely use of applications
often futile or even useless who claim to dictate
our will rub off unfortunately
every day more about our behavior.
just like cigarettes, alcohol, drugs ...
We are first connected with nature. ( Applis in the world) in French

Let us cultivate our own gifts, reprogram our brain and we will have the life we ??hope for.

Aristotle said: walking helps us to think but it is more effective in a natural space than in a city because our mind can more easily derive from one sensory experience to another, 
We were introduced to walking as a child, it became an unconscious effort. A few more steps in hitchhiking are not harmful, it is enough to organize your journey time.
Mobile apps are expected to generate approximately
$ 189 billion by 2020, if it was $ 88 billion in 2016,
an increase of more than 113% in 4 years. As a reminder, the revenue comes from app downloads, advertisements and in-app purchases.
87% of time spent on mobile applications
While smartphones and tablets can be used to surf the net and use mobile applications, statistics show that users of these mobile devices spend more than 87% of their time using the applications and only 13% of their time browsing the internet.

100 apps in a smartphone for 30 used per month.  Without us.


We ourselves increase the probability of dying tragically. Need anyone to become very stupid!

Blog (The third brain)


"Technology can set us free or control us totally. It's up to us to choose "