Dear, Madam, Miss, Sir,

Remember… When we were little, we had our whole lives ahead of us and we saw it as a big playground. We could become whatever we wanted: an astronaut, a president, etc. Every day was an adventure and the best was yet to come.
Then the years went by and we realised that life was not a fairy tale.

‘That was all bullshit!’

I’m not a genius, but I still think I’ve understood one or two things over time.

First, modern civilisation is a scam, an absurd and depressing myth based on lies. You have to have the courage to follow your own path.
It’s true that happiness is not easy to achieve, but you won’t find it on a stupid app, will you?
There you are, stuck on your screens and you don’t even notice what’s going on around you.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that to be mean. I have only love for my fellow men. Sincerely, I’m the most honest person ever!
I think we all have a story to tell. We are all human. We are all part of the same big family. It is a pity that we no longer have any notion of community and that we have lost this sense of camaraderie with our fellow human beings, our friends and our neighbours.

No-one has a conversation any more. It’s unfortunate because each of us has something interesting to tell if we take the time to listen to it. If you have a chance to make one or two friends on this earth, bingo! You hit the jackpot and won the big prize! Wilson.

Being benevolent means starting by doing something good yourself.

                    "To be benevolent is to start...

... by doing yourself good."