The company was born in the Walloon region, in Waterloo.

In a Business Park with trees on the outskirts of Brussels, near the outer ring of Brussels. A limitless "Business Space" where work, passion and harmony reign.

Small historical reminder (cf. Wikipedia.)

Waterloo La Sucrerie

The sugar beet saga began in the middle of the 18th century in Germany. In his Berlin laboratory, the chemist Andreas Sigismund Marggraf discovers that beet contains sugar.

November 21, 1806 - the day and month of my birth - was a pivotal date for the European sugar economy. Napoleon I established the continental blockade: all English goods were therefore prohibited on French soil. To compensate for the sudden shortage of cane sugar, the emperor decided to actively support the production of sugar beets. In a few years, many processing factories are created.

In 1836 the National Sugar Refinery opened a construction site for a refinery in Waterloo. The town has about 2400 inhabitants. The works will employ up to 500 workers.

MALEPEIRE COMPANY has an international vocation ...

40 years of experience of differentiated know-how perfectly compatible and adapted to the logic and strategy of MALEPEIRE COMPANY

Future employees must be nomads exercising their activities within the company at the same time as they travel the roads to meet motorists, hitchhikers and our many future partners in order to forge lasting ties and permanent.

Intergenerationality and versatility will guide us in this adventure ...

The practice of hitchhiking is universal, we expect to take a path "sandy, awkward ...", but also, joyful, sunny...



A team, a family ...and your servant Peter Malé.


In life, nothing is to be feared everything is to be understood .... Marie Curie.