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Hitch Hiking Family

à David et à Thomas.

Are you going to work ? Go hitchhiking
Are you going away for the weekend ? Hitchhike
Does traveling cost you money? Try hitchhiking
Do you live far from the hospital ?
Do you have an emergency? Go hitchhiking
You prefer the comfort of a car to the Train to the Bus to the Tramway, to the crowd, to stress? Try hitchhiking

Imagine hitchhiking differently: without constraints, faster and safer !

It is now possible, with HitchHikingFamily and the travel kit for hitchhikers. The concept is simple: inside the kit, accessories and original equipment: the poncho!
Wear it and wait only a few minutes for a motorist to stop. This is the purpose of the kit.

The poncho reassures and protects you, as it guarantees more visibility, day and night.

You only buy it once, you are a Life Member...


Our first concern is your safety, both as a pedestrian and as a passenger. The second one is your wallet: we want to reduce your transport costs. The third one, which is also our ambition, is to radically improve the motorist’s behaviour.
If you want to be part of the HitchHikingFamily, don’t wait. Register now!

Don’t look for an application, there is none. No subscription, no GPS and no appointment needed either, as no planning is required. In short, a minimum of constraints for a maximum of pleasure and comfort. The car remains indeed the best means of transport, doesn’t it?

Hitchhiking only needed a good dusting. Not too much technology, just kindness....

By registering on the website, you will get your new ID card and badge.
You can then take the road safely!

Travel and adapt your journeys as best as you can. The sooner you get the kit, the sooner you will save money.

Have a good trip!

To take its first steps, without tripping, the Hitchhikingfamily family needs a large number of drivers; their registration is free and open.

A thousand miles begins with one step...

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