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Hitch Hiking Family

à David et à Thomas.

Are you going to work ? Go hitchhiking
Are you going away for the weekend ? Hitchhike
Does traveling cost you money? Try hitchhiking
Do you live far from the hospital ?
Do you have an emergency? Go hitchhiking
You prefer the comfort of a car to the Train to the Bus to the Tramway, to the crowd, to stress? Try hitchhiking

Hitchhiking, a more than certain future in the Mobility of tomorrow.

In every community there is a human potential...

That's what we're interested in, what we're looking for in hhfamily

through your kindness, your generosity, a beautiful gesture.

The hitchhiker needed a good dusting.

We have combined visibility, protection and safety by creating a travel kit for hitchhikers.

Inside, there is THE PONCHO, a distinctive sign of the community, which evokes by its silhouette a Manta Ray symbol of humility.

Thanks to this garment with multiple qualities you will be able to improve your journeys, you will be able to modify, rationalize your journeys, your daily journey very comfortably since you will be travelling in a car...

And our second concern is to relieve your wallet.

this is not nothing because the "Transport" Budget represents the second largest item of expenditure (see Blog)

As for you, dear motorists, often alone in your vehicle, without whom hitchhiking would not exist, why don't most of you share with others your hidden reserve of humanity, by gradually burning your preconceived ideas, your prejudices? (see Transport Blog)

Let yourself be tamed by this type of trip and meeting, at the same time... it is the best way to discover... others and also ourselves. One day, Driver, one day hitchhiker... who knows?

The multiplicity of transport, its cost, all-round innovations, this mobility is increasingly worrying for users who are sometimes discouraged by their imperfections.

It is all these components that Hitch-hikingfamily has taken into account to impose a concept that is in line with the logic of our society...

Slow Life.

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