Discover The Travel Kit for Hitchhiker as relevant as it is essential

Mobility can be suffered or chosen

Free to anyone who wants and can hitchhike on a road, or even combine it with the use of public transport, a bike ... It's up to you to manage your trips as well as possible.

Go into " freedom mode "

Getting around today takes a lot of effort, time and money.

So HHFAMILY has created a unique concept, simple, revolutionary, useful and which can lighten your wallet ...

 How does it work?   As soon as you register, Hitch hiking family will issue you with your traveler's identity card. You said : Application ?

(check the box Hitchhiker, Driver or both)

Before joining the Shop, if you wish,

Go to the page THE KIT

Whatever the route or the distance travelled dear hitchhiker, you will want to leave one pound or one dollar to your benefactor, the motorist.

Hitchhiking without deal, just a gesture

Our main ambition is "The Heart of Hitch Hiking Family".

The association, whose purpose is to provide mutual aid to road accident victims, will see the day of the celebration of its 1959th registered member. (see the Blog)

To take their first steps, without tripping, the Hitch-hikingFamily family needs a large number of motorists ...

Our goal, the bet of hhfamily ... is 50,000 motorists registered in France, 8000 in Belgium before November 25, 2020.

Mobility in complete freedom    benevolence - solidarity - respect - humanity...

For healthier mobility   more human, more economical...

Motorists - Hitchhikers - pedestrians    Reconcile with the road ...

Hitchhiking gets a makeover    Visibility, Protection, Security ...